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Heat exchangers by Astra Refrigeranti S.P.A

Heat exchangers by Astra Refrigeranti S.P.A
     Heat exchanger (heat exchange unit) is a device used to transfer heat between two heat carriers with different temperatures. According to the operating principle heat exchangers are subdivided into recuperators and regenerators.
    Moving heat carriers are separated by a wall in recuperators. The majority of heat exchangers are of this type.
    In regenerating heat exchangers cold and hot heat carriers contact one and the same surface in turn. Heat is accumulated in the wall during the contact with hot heat carrier and is transferred during the contact with cold heat carrier.

    Depending on direction of heat-carriers flow recuperating heat exchangers can be:
   - direct flow with parallel movement in one direction
   - counter flow with parallel opposite-direction movement
   - counter flow with orthogonally related movement of two interacting mediums

    Shell heat exchangers are the most common recuperating heat exchangers in industry.

Shell heat exchangers by Astra Refrigeranti S.P.A are tailor-made according to Customer technical requirements.

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Fields of application:

- petrochemical;
- energy;
- marine.


- fixed tube bundle systems;
- removable tube bundle systems U bend type;
- removable tube bundle systems floating tubesheet type;
- bare tubes;
- low finned tubes;
- finned tubes;
- internally grooved tubes.


- pressure: up to 550 bar;
- temperature: up to 600 °C;
- max length /diameter : 18 m / 3 m.

Standard materials:

- carbon steel and its alloys;
- stainless steel;
- copper and its alloys;
- nickel alloys;
- titanium;
- aluminium.

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