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Electrically heated vaporizer

Electrically heated vaporizer
   Electrically heated vaporizers ensure reliable and cost-efficient vaporization of a wide range of cryogenic liquids (LIN, LOX, LAR) having compact design.Stainless steel heat conducting coils are soldered into hard aluminum unit. Electrical heaters are set in special heat absorber in aluminum unit. Increase of heat exchange and decrease of pressure buildup occur thanks to a unique generator. All control instruments are protected against environmental effect by a special case.

   Capacity – from 20 to 800 m3/h

Peculiar features:

   • adjustable gas temperature
   • fully automatic operation
   • compact design
   • stainless steel body frame and support for more convenient operation
   • fixed temperature limit for safety considerations
   • supplied fully packaged, ready for installation
   • thermal heating efficiency 98% and higher
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