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Ambient vaporizers with forced draft

Ambient vaporizers with forced draft
    Ambient vaporizers with forced draft are designed for stationary usage at enterprises that need gaseous air products (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, liquefied natural gas) in big volumes with limited operating space.
   Forced convection principle is applied as heat transfer mechanism in vaporizers with forced draft. Several fans installed at the top of the vaporizer direct high speed air stream down through heat exchange area ensuring maximum heat transfer and high level of vaporization. Vaporizers consist of a large quantity of separate multi finned extruded elements for heat transfer that can be connected in series and in parallel in order to satisfy specific Customer requirements.
   Forced convection uses vaporizer working surface more efficiently, thus minimizing system dimensions.System elements are connected with a pipeline in order to ensure one inlet-outlet. 24/7 continuous operation is possible with usage of several vaporizers with automatic switch over system. Ambient vaporizers with forced draft are made of stainless steel both of low and high pressure.


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