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Cooling Systems with Plates Heat-Exchanger

Cooling Systems with Plates Heat-Exchanger
A plate heat-exchanger is a very common type of heat-exchanger, used widely in many processes and industrial applications. Cooling towers are used to cool down the water which runs inside the heat exchanger's 'cold side', and transfers the heat away from the fluid or gas that runs in the 'hot-side' of the heat-exchanger. YWCT wishes to simplify customer's design and purchase efforts by offering an end-to-end solution that integrates the plates heat-exchanger and the cooling tower to a skid-mounted PlugN'Play system. Other complementary subsystems can also be installed and integrated into these PlugN'Play systems: :
Automatic/Manual filter
Circulation pumps for open and closed water circuits
Water treatment and bleeding system
Electrical and control panels
The components are rack mounted on a chassis made of hot galvanized profiles coated with protective paint. The solution includes piping connecting all components, including non-return valves, pressure meters, and thermometers. The skid is designed to fit standard containers. Detailed P&ID is provided for every system.
Packaged cooling towers combined with plates heat-exchanger
Integration of complementary sub-systems
Customer-ready for immediate turnkey operation
Tailor-made to customer’s needs and requirements
Type: Counterflow
Fabrication: Factory-made
Material: Hand -laid FRP/Galvenized Steel
Air flow: Induced/Forced draft
Capacity: 30,000-1,000,000 kcal/hr per system
Water flow: 10 - 240 m³/hr per system
Industries: Aviation,Chemicals,Food, Plastic,Rubber
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