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Factory-made Towers. PING Series.

Factory-made Towers. PING Series.
YWCT’s PING series are FRP factory-made cooling towers. This heavy-duty series suits various industrial applications, especially where conditions are harsh. PING towers are made of hand-laid FRP, pultruded FRP, and stainless steel. Design is based on counterflow configuration, gearbox transmission system, and motor located outside the air stream. This unique combination ensures the product’s maximum performance and long life.
Our PING towers are shipped to the job site in two or three modules to be assembled on site. The tower can be provided with either PVC film or polypropylene fill for high-temperature inlet water.
FRP factory-made counterflow cooling towers
Heavy-duty FRP structure
Designed for highest thermal efficiency
Minimal footprint
Type: Counterflow
Fabrication: Factory-made
Material: Pultruded FRP, hand-laid FRP, stainless steel
Air flow: Induced draft
Capacity: 500,000-5,000,000 kcal/hr per cell
Water flow: 80 - 1,000 m³/hr per cell
Industries: Machinery,Metalworking, Pharmaceutical,Refrigeration and Cooling, HVAC


Increased basin capacity
Polypropylene fill for high-temperature inlet water
Low-noise fans
Vinyl Ester resin
Cooling tower designed to shape
Designed-to-fit concrete basin
Hand rails and ladders
Basinless Unit Construction

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