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Factory-made Towers. P series

Factory-made Towers. P series
YWCT’s P series is FRP factory-made cooling towers. This built-to-last series suits all industrial applications. Its unique tower design gives this steel-less structure its strength. In our P towers, the fan is mounted directly on the motor for easy maintenance. The P series is shipped to the job site in a single container, and comes with a variety of add-ons (see PlugN’Play cooling systems). The tower can be provided with either PVC film or polypropylene fill for high-temperature inlet water.
Packaged counterflow cooling towers made of FRP
Heavy-duty design withstands corrosive environments
Serves industrial and small-scale HVAC applications
Type: Counterflow
Fabrication: Factory-made
Material: Hand-laid FRP
Air flow: Induced-draft and forced-draft
Capacity: 30,000-500,000 kcal
Water flow: 6-100 m³/hr per cell
Industries: Aviation, Chemicals, Food, Pharmaceutical, Rubber.


Increased basin capacity
Polypropylene fill for high-temperature inlet water
FRP approved by FDA for drinking water
Low-noise fans
Vinyl Ester resin
Cooling tower designed to shape
Hand rail and ladder

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