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Vacuum insulated pipelines

Vacuum insulated pipelines
   Cryogenic vacuum insulated pipeline for cryogenic liquids transportation (LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, LCO2) is made as “pipe-in-pipe” line. Inner pipe
contains liquid, outer pipe has vacuum insulation
and carries external load. Inner space between tubes is insulated, and bellows of the inner line compensate thermal contraction of the inner pipe.
   Vacuum insulated pipeline arrangement minimizes loses and evaporations which can occur during cryogenic products transportation.
   Cryogenic vacuum insulated pipeline is manufactured in sections and is vacuumed at a production facility. Sections are either welded together, or joined by means of bayonet connection. Sections can be both rigid and flexible. Usage of such flexible sections must be restricted as their heat and pressure loss is more than in rigid ones.
   Inner and outer lines are made of stainless steel line-welded tubes.

   Gettering system includes molecular sieve and hydrogen converter installed in each section. Getter amount is aimed at 10-15 years of operation without interference.


Table 1 – Vacuum insulated cryogenic pipeline

Standard pressure

         10 bar*

Operating temperature

from -196оС to +50оС

Inner pipe diameter

from 15 mm to 400 mm

  * - other pressure parameters are available upon request
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