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Adsorption Air Separation Units

Adsorption Air Separation Units
   Adsorption Air Separation Units. The adsorption method of air separation is based on the selective capture (adsorption) of the gas mixture components. The capture is done by the special molecular sieves in conditions of the swing adsorption. The gas capture by the adsorbent in dependance of the pressure is in the heart of the process: the adsorbent ability to capture the gas is directly proportional to the pressure. Thus, the adsorption proceeds under high pressure, and the desorption process is carried out by depressurization.

   The stages of the adsorption and desorption are equal in time. Desorption of the first absorber is carried out when the second absorber is in operation. When the adsorption stage in one absorber and the desorption stage in another absorber are over they switch their processes. This procedure provides the continuity of the manufacturing of the product and stability of its quality.

   The advantages of the Adsorption Units:
- possibility to obtain the high purity product
- minimal needs in operator control
- quick start and stop
- low energy costs
- low maintenance costs
- high reliability

    Energosmart LLC provides its Customer with the full range of services on the implementation of the «turnkey» technological solution: technical solution development, engineering, supply of equipment, construction (supervising), commissioning, personnel training, guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance

   The equipment offered by our company is certified according to the requirements of the countries of operation and meets the strictest demands and standards.


Technical characteristics of the offered Adsorption Units




Capacity, nm3/h

up to 3000

up to 4500

Purity, %

up to 95 (99*)

up to 99,9995

Pressure, bar

up to 10

up to 8

Dew point, 0C

not higher than -50

not higher than -70

Operating life, hours

up to 100

up to 100

* - in case of necessity Oxygen can be additionally purified up to 99%.»
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