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Cryogenic Air Separation Units (ASU)

Cryogenic Air Separation Units (ASU)
   Cryogenic air separation units. The operation is based on the air separation by the low temperature rectification method. This method is based on the boiling temperature difference for the air components and on the difference of the contents of the balanced liquid and steam mixtures.

   Cryogenic method is the only one for air separation where it is possible to obtain the high purity technical gases: Oxygen with purity up to 99,95%, Argon and Nitrogen — up to 99,9999%.

The advantages of the cryogenic ASUs:

- possibility to obtain gas in two states — liquid and gaseous;
- possibility to obtain simultaneously several products of separation (O2 + Ar; O2 + N2; Ar + O2 + N2);
- continuous operation — up to two years;
- long life-time — 20-25 years.

    Energosmart LLC provides its Customer with the full range of services on the implementation of the «turnkey» technological solution: technical solution development, engineering, supply of equipment, construction (supervision), commissioning, personnel training, guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance.

    The equipment offered by our company is certified according to the requirements of the countries of operation and meets the strictest demands and standards.


Technical characteristics of the offered cryogenic Air Separation Units





Capacity, nm3/h

up to 65 000

up to 200 000

up to 4 000

Purity, %

95 — 99,95

95 — 99,9999

95 — 99,9999

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