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Transport vessels for cryogenic liquids

Transport vessels for cryogenic liquids
Cryogenic tank semi-trailers

    Cryogenic tank semi-trailers are vessels for transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Its component parts include cryogenic tank installed on a semi-trailer with chassis and a cabinet equipped with all necessary shutoff and control valves by leading world manufacturers.
    Cryogenic semi-trailers can be equipped with different equipment depending on Customer’s requirements.
    Wide range of tank volumes is available. The most suitable one is selected by demand, taking into account Customer’s requirements and legislation of the country where the tank will be operated.

Intermodal vessel (ISO container)

 Intermodal vessel for cryogenic liquids transportation consists of 2 major elements:tank (vessel) and structure (frame). Such vessel combines advantages of transportation by different types of transport: by road, rail, or sea. It can also be moved from one type of transport to another without intermediate product reload.  
   Standard component parts of the vessel include complete set of valves and safety devices ensuring minimum degree of gas loss, safe and effective gas filling or unload.
   Vessels are supplied as a set with pressure built up vaporizers for liquid                                                                                                   delivery under pressure and are additionally equipped with a cryogenic                                                                                                       pump for liquid unload.
                                                                                              Energosmart supplies 2 types of intermodal vessels for cryogenic liquids                                                                                                   transportation:20 and 40 ft long.


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   Such semi-trailers are one of the safest presented on the market today. It is worth mentioning perfect stability which prevents from overturn and the ease of semi-trailer operation due to its unique design with extremely low gravity centre as well as wide wheel base.
   Semi-trailers completely conform to European standards. A wide range of tank volumes is available. On Customer request the most suitable and meeting the Customer requirements type is chosen, which also considers regulations of the country where the equipment will be operated. Semi-trailer can be equipped with a cryogenic pump upon Customer request.
   Cryogenic semi-trailers are designed in accordance with the latest scientific and technical developments. Its design includes high efficiency multilayer insulation which is 10 times lighter and 50 times more effective than a traditionally used one, which ensures the most useful load on the market in this category.
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