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Regasification of liquefied natural gas 03.11.2014
Regasification of liquefied natural gas (LNG) - the process of converting LNG from liquid to gaseous state, after which it becomes suitable for normal use - supply to consumers through pipelines and pumping in gas cylinders.
What is Air separation unit? 20.10.2014
Air separation units (ASUs) are commonly used to produce gaseous and liquid nitrogen, oxygen, and argon in different branches of industry.
About Cryogenics 05.10.2014
Cryogenics is the science that addresses the production and effects of very low temperatures. The word originates from the Greek words “kryos” meaning "frost" and 'genic' meaning "to produce."
Сoolling towers 10.07.2014
Cooling Tower (German gradieren - thickening brine; a tower which originally served for salt production by means of evaporation) - a device for cooling a large amount of water by a directed stream of air.
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