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Energosmart - complete solutions for the Cryoenergetics
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LLC ENERGOSMART is a team of experienced specialists, innovators, technicians in the sphere of gas and cryogenic technologies, energetics, metallurgy, water circulating loops, who provide their Customers with complete solutions of technological tasks as well as executing turn-key projects, which includes:
Selection and supply of equipment
Dismantling and assembly works
Commissioning works and start-up
Guarantee and service maintenance
Implementation of global experience and technologies at Customer enterprises related to production, ussage and transportation of cryogenic gases, LNG (liquefied natural gas) as well as in the sphere of heating and cooling of operating mediums which are involved in technological processes. Meeting Customer needs, improvement of their technological processes in order to optimize expenditures and efforts, which is aimed at achievement of high indicators and results.
Continuous qualification improvement and skills enhancement
Thorough analysis of already implemented technologies
Advancement in study of innovative technological concepts
Showing flexibility depending on particular
Customer needs Openness in communication with the Customer
Immediate responsiveness to Customer requests
Quality accomplishment of tasks in the extremely limited time
Mobility of company resources aimed at the most effective task resolutions set by Customers
Compliance with high work standards
Our partners are in the long run new opportunities for our Customers as we collaborate with world leading manufacturers of technological equipment, which enables our Customers modernize their technological processes due to implementation of new solutions and technologies.
Our main priority is quality of offered solutions
A wealth of many year experience which enables to take weighed decisions
Broad spectrum of contacts with world leading experts
Technical expertise in liaison with flexible thinking and attention to details
Thorough consideration of details at all stages of project execution
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